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Hi, I'm McKenna and I am 19 years of age... and i like long walks on the beach

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User Number: 5983522
Date Created:2005-02-01
Number of Posts: 53

I'm Mckenna and I'm totally obsessed with Jensen Ackles from Supernatural and George Eads from CSI. I'm weird and also very random.
Strengths: Nice, Craziness, Weirdness, Obsessiveness, Hyper.
Weaknesses: I have Violent tendences, lazy, VERY picky eater.
Special Skills: I love to write stories, I sing, I dance,and I LOVE to draw.
Weapons: Notebooks and Duct Tape!
Pet Peeves: Annoying people, People who make fun of other people, Math, People who think they are better than everyone else, Tacky things, Most music, Proper grammar, Movies without gor, Homework, Creepy people, Old celebrities, 16 year olds that think they're in "love", Needles, People who have off again on again realationships, Gum under desks, Diet any kind of pop, Short term memory loss, Writing in proper sentances, and People who don't let me do whatever the hell i want to.

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