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I have a feeling, that this just need to be said

If we don't let things go, They'll fester in our hearts like a boil and it'll cause an infection in our souls, and lead us to explode in front of Family or friends, and We'll see that love we once had just leave us. I've been through a bunch of stuff and I know most of you out there have had feelings of doubt, or self loathing, or even anger, but it'll break us down and will kill us if we don't overcome the mountain before us...
Betcha a lot of people don't know this, but I've been bullied since Kindergarden... from my speech impediment and having to take speech classes for it through elementary school, to cutting my hair in 5th grade and being called a boy, to having no friend 'til halfway through middle school, being labeled 'gay' for having gay friends, death threats, Cutting to feel and let pain takeover me, and numerous fight I didn't start but I finished, I've been through things that shouldn't be discussed, I may have bouts of depression, But I'm over it. I'm not the same girl I was back then. I'm human, I've been though things, and overcomed them. Things happen and things change. Friends come and friends go. Thats life.
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